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Our Leadership Team is a mix of volunteers and staff, college students and adults. We meet weekly for training and encouragement. Call Mike Barbetta at (717) 609-7731 if you are interested in being a volunteer leader.

Young Life has been reaching out to kids in South Central PA for over 25 years, and is served by four staff members, a local committee of supporters, and a team of volunteer leaders that work with kids in area communities. 
In Young Life, we're committed to three simple ideas:

We're committed to teenagers. Some people think they're obnoxious. Others think they're a problem. In Young Life, we have a different view: teenagers are important.  They have a thirst for life that is unparalleled and we like being around that kind of energy!  Young Life provides opportunities for teenagers to experience new things, build lasting friendships, and discover what they are capable of.
We're committed to relationships.  Everything that we do provides opportunities for teenagers and Young Life leaders to build relationships with one another.  God created us for relationships, to experience life with friends we can trust.  Young Life leaders are adult friends who can help kids gain perspective on life.
We believe Jesus Christ is important. This is a tough world with real problems.  We love kicking around the idea that in the midst of the problems of life, there is hope and a purpose to it all. We believe that this hope and purpose is found in the person of Jesus Christ.  We invite teenagers to inspect and consider the life and claims of his extaordinary person.  We don't believe in pressuring anybody to believe anything; we love teenagers enough to respect their right to decide.

Watch our 2016 YL South Central PA Fundraising Premier Video to learn more! 


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Young Life South Central PA | 218 Beaver Dr Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-2501

Phone: (717) 609-7731

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